Breeding plans for 2021 are as follows (although nothing is final until the breeding takes place). Please reach out for reservations; reservations are free until the kids are born, then commitments of $50 will be required to secure your kid until pick up, which should happen between 8-9 weeks. There will be additional fees for holding kids past the 9 week mark.

Old Mountain Farm Tumeric x R Serenity E Cadbury Freddo (due late Feb)
*Polled, Moonspots possible
R Serenity NHF Sparkling Cider x R Serenity E Cadbury Freddo (due late Feb)
*Polled, Moonspots, blue eyes possible
Caprikodas ST Madam Petunia x Flat Rock’s Fenir (due late Feb)
*Polled, Silver possible
Monkey HIll Twyla Blue x Flat Rock’s Fenir (due early March)
*Blue eyes, Wattels, Silver possible
Monkey HIll GS Sika x Flat Rock’s Fenir (due early March)
*Chocolate, Silver possible
Elfin Acres B Chimayo x Flat Rock’s Fenir (due early March)
*Silver possible
Monkey Hill GS Millie x Monkey Hill Ziggy Stardust (due early March)
3W Farm Moon Pie x Flat Rocks Fenir (due late April)
Camanna RA Umaylah x Flat Rock’s Fenir (due late April)
*Silver possible
Springwater DC Mud Pie x Poppy Patch Evel Knievel (due late April)
Flor y Nata Pistol x Flat Rock’s Fenir (due late April)
*Silver possible

Please note: at Monkey Hill Farm we run a biosecurity panel yearly. This covers CAE, CL, and Johnes.

Prices for wethers start at $125 with a discount for multiples ($225 for 2, $300 for 3).

Prices for registered does generally range from $350-750 and breeding quality bucks from $400-700. Please expect the higher ranges for goats with Old Mountain Farm, Flat Rock’s, Poppy Patch, Springwater Farm and Rosasharn present in the most recent 2 generations (parents and grandparents) or parents with Superior Genetics or Elite designations and 88 or above LA scores. Bred does +$75. Does in milk (1-5 months fresh) +$75.

Discounts for multiples.

Important note to those that buy bred does: bred does are sold occasionally when I’ve determined that a doe no longer fits in my breeding program. These reasons are usually obscure and I’ll be happy to share them with buyers. I will not authorize bucks to be registered from these breedings unless a prior arrangement is agreed upon. I am very picky about bucks that carry the Monkey Hill name.

Buck stud service: I occasionally allow “driveway” buck stud service to select goat owners. To consider this, the farm needs to show proof of a recent (within 1 year) bio screen panel (at least CAE and CL) and must be close enough, geographically, that organizing a date isn’t terribly difficult. Only does may be registered from the pairing unless prior agreements are made. Prices range from 75-150 (depending on the buck) for a date with 1 second try if the doe goes into heat again within 60 days of the original date.