August 11, 2021

Every farm has a number of goats that can be reasonably taken care of while not becoming a burden. I am over “my number” so sadly need to make some tough decisions. There are some amazing goats on this list, I would LOVE to see them go in pairs or groups as it definitely makes transitions easier. For that reason I will be offering generous discounts for multiples. Additional discounts will be given to milk test and show homes.


Trixie ($500)

Moon ($500)

Lark ($500) deposit received

Zoe ($500)

If you have an interest in a goat not listed here, please reach out. Note that I will definitely not be selling Mud Pie, Umaylah, Blueberry, Sika, or Millie.


Fen ($1000) – Fen is an exceptional buck but I have used him nearly exclusively the last 2 years and have kept many of his daughters.


Breeding plans for 2021 are still being worked out (although nothing is final until the breeding takes place). Please reach out for reservations; reservations are free until the kids are born, then commitments of $50 will be required to secure your kid until pick up, which should happen between 8-9 weeks. There will be additional fees for holding kids past the 9 week mark.

Please note: at Monkey Hill Farm we run a biosecurity panel yearly. This covers CAE, CL, and Johnes.

Prices for wethers start at $125 with a discount for multiples ($225 for 2, $300 for 3).

Prices for registered does generally range from $350-750 and breeding quality bucks from $400-700. Please expect the higher ranges for goats with Old Mountain Farm, Flat Rock’s, Poppy Patch, Springwater Farm and Rosasharn present in the most recent 2 generations (parents and grandparents) or parents with Superior Genetics or Elite designations and 88 or above LA scores. Bred does +$75. Does in milk (1-5 months fresh) +$75.

Discounts for multiples.

Important note to those that buy bred does: bred does are sold occasionally when I’ve determined that a doe no longer fits in my breeding program. These reasons are usually obscure and I’ll be happy to share them with buyers. I will not authorize bucks to be registered from these breedings unless a prior arrangement is agreed upon. I am very picky about bucks that carry the Monkey Hill name.

Buck stud service: I occasionally allow “driveway” buck stud service to select goat owners. To consider this, the farm needs to show proof of a recent (within 1 year) bio screen panel (at least CAE and CL) and must be close enough, geographically, that organizing a date isn’t terribly difficult. Only does may be registered from the pairing unless prior agreements are made. Prices range from 75-150 (depending on the buck) for a date with 1 second try if the doe goes into heat again within 60 days of the original date.

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