Sales and Kidding

We will be kidding late March to early May 2022

All does have been confirmed bred via ultrasound at this time.

DoeBuckRes Avail
Springwater DC Mud Pie ELITERedstone Nigel GacruxB/D
Res Full
Monkey Hill GS SikaMonkey Hill K Daredevilyes B/D
Monkey Hill Black StarlaMonkey Hill Ziggy Stardustyes Doe only
3W Farm COY Moon PieMonkey Hill Mercury InRetrogrdyes Doe only
R Serenity HM GingerMonkey Hill Mercury InRetrogrdyes Doe only
Monkey Hill ZS ScarlettMonkey Hill Mercury InRetrogrdyes Doe only
Monkey Hill GS MillieMonkey Hill Ziggy Stardustyes D/ poss B
1 doe res
Monkey Hill TwylaMonkey Hill Mercury InRetrogrdyes D/ poss B
1 doe res
Monkey Hill TrixieMonkey Hill K Daredevilyes Doe only
1 doe res


Please reach out for reservations; reservations are free until the kids are born, then commitments of $50 will be required to secure your kid until pick up, which should happen between 8-9 weeks (or earlier if wanting on bottle). There will be additional fees for holding buck kids past the 9 week mark, or doe kids past 10 week mark.

Please note: at Monkey Hill Farm we run a biosecurity panel yearly. This covers CAE, CL, and Johnes.

Prices for wethers start at $125 with a discount for multiples ($225 for 2, $300 for 3).

Prices for registered does/doelings generally range from $400-850 and breeding quality bucks from $400-900. Please expect the higher ranges for goats from parents with production milk stars, and especially with Superior Genetics or Elite designations and 88 or above LA scores. Bred does +$75. Does in milk (1-5 months fresh) +$75.

We do not charge extra for special colors, however the reservation list tends to fill up quickly for silver doelings so put your requests in early!

Discounts for multiples.

Important note to those that buy bred does: bred does are sold occasionally when I’ve determined that a doe no longer fits in my breeding program. These reasons are usually obscure and I’ll be happy to share them with buyers. I will not authorize bucks to be registered from these breedings unless a prior arrangement is agreed upon. I am very picky about bucks that carry the Monkey Hill name.

Buck stud service: I occasionally allow “driveway” buck stud service to select goat owners. To consider this, the farm needs to show proof of a recent (within 1 year) bio screen panel (at least CAE and CL) and must be close enough, geographically, that organizing a date isn’t terribly difficult. Only does may be registered from the pairing unless prior agreements are made. Prices range from 75-150 (depending on the buck and number of does) for a date with 1 second try if the doe goes into heat again within 60 days of the original date.

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